Don't See Your Vehicle? We Can Order It

Build & Price Your New Lincoln

Thinking about a new Lincoln? AutoNation Lincoln Orange Park can custom order your new Lincoln from the factory. Order the EXACT vehicle YOU WANT and get 1st Priority.

Exclusive Pre-Order Benefits:

  • Custom build the vehicle that's right for you. Choose the exact trim level, options and colors you want.

Get Started:

  • Know which vehicle you're interested in? Get in touch with the Start Custom Order form below. One of our Team will contact you to start the Pre-Order process.
  • Want to Build & Price a vehicle? View our Build and Price page, select the vehicle you're interested and then begin the Build and Price configuration.
  • Have questions? Call our AutoNation Lincoln Orange Park Vehicle Order Line (904) 372-8639 and speak with a Sales Team member today.
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How do you custom order a Lincoln?

To custom order a new Lincoln, first reach out with the contact form above with the model you are interested in ordering. After submitting your information, we will follow up with you to confirm your desired vehicle and check if any incoming inventory matches what you want. If nothing is available, we will arrange to submit your order to Lincoln.

Lincoln factory order process

If you choose to custom order a Lincoln from the factory, you can expect the process to go something like the following:

  1. Contact AutoNation Lincoln Orange Park about the vehicle you are interested in and arrange a time to create your order.
  2. Meet with a sales team member to configure your vehicle, go over pricing and any available incentives, pay your custom order deposit, then finalize and submit your order.
  3. Once your vehicle has been built, it will be shipped to our dealership. When your vehicle arrives, it will undergo a Pre-Delivery Inspection by one of our service technicians.
  4. Lastly, it's time to come and pick up your new Lincoln.

How long does ordering a vehicle from Lincoln take?

Lead times will vary significantly by model and configuration. Global supply chain issues can also sometimes affect how long it takes for your vehicle to be built. Before and after ordering your vehicle, we can share production timeline estimates that we receive from Lincoln Motor Company.

Can you track your order from the factory?

Consult with your sales team member to obtain build progress updates or using factory vehicle build tracking applications.